White Rainbow is the story of four remarkable women and their journey to overcome the societal stigma and grim reality of widowhood.  Abandoned by their families, impoverished by a system that fails to recognize them, and denied even the most simple grace of wearing color, they find the resolve to transform their lives, and in doing so, the lives of Vrindavan's widows.


The story begins with the tragedy of the filmís protagonist and narrator, Priya. Upon learning of her husbandís sudden death, Priya miscarries her baby. Although her life is one of privilege and prestige, Priya's emotional and tragic catharsis compels her to make a pilgrimage to Vrindavan. Alone and desperate for solace, she befriends three women, all widows, and all with their own powerful and tragic stories to tell.


The elder streetwise, Roop, rejected by her own children and forced to make her way on the streets. Gentle Mala, disfigured by her mother-in-law, a servant and illicit lover to a priest. And young Deepti, widowed at age 15 and forced into prostitution.


Together, this disparate group challenges the myths and traditions that surround not only the treatment of widows in Indian society, but the widows' own resignation to their fate. And, in the process, their own transformation takes hold. No longer destined to a fate of poverty and servitude, the women emerge empowered with the belief that they are the champions of their own lives. The film inspires us all to see the Rainbow present in every woman.