Ele, My Friend has become a family film classic. Set during the British Raj of the early 1920's, the film tells the story of a 10 year old boy, Charles, who befriends a baby elephant he affectionately names Ele. They are happy in a world of their own until poachers capture Ele and prepare to ship the defenseless pachyderm away. Charles bravely pursues the poachers thereby embarking on an amazing adventure, full of wild animal encounters and swashbuckling action. In the end, the poachers are foiled - boy and elephant are reunited.

The Indo-American production was filmed on location in the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in South India. Ele, My Friend is filled with the raw scenic beauty of tropical India previously unseen by western audiences. The acting crew included twelve Indian elephants.  Rich in cinematographic production, the film received the prestigious Best Picture for Environment and Quality of Life award in Bellizona, Switzerland. Ele, My Friend is distributed by VCI Entertainment and has been recently re-released on DVD.



What's Love Have To Do With It is a documentary series that examines the tradition of arranged marriages in India.  In the first segment, the film exposes the roots of arrangement as well as the dowry system. Through interviews with dozens of couples, young and old, rich and poor, What's Love Have To Do With It brings to life the power of marriages in which bride and groom are introduced on their wedding day.

The film questions why young professionals, many living outside of their native India, still anticipate a marriage arranged by their parents.  Why couples stay together and the deep affectionate love that  grows between two individuals, even those that did not choose their mate. Their stories will both surprise and endear the audience.

Filmed both in India and the US, the first segment of What's Love Have To Do With It is scheduled for release in early 2004.